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“The Day the Linden Fell” (online)

"Maeve was spreading molasses on a piece of pumpernickel bread when a guttural crack split the air, followed by a thud that she felt through the soles of her feet..."

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“The Day the Linden Fell” Live and Online at Menda City Review

My short story, “The Day the Linden Fell,” is live and online at Menda City Review!

In the disembodied world of small press publishing, there is a fresh, subversive, forward-looking retro-hip beauty and audacity to Menda City Review that I’ve always wanted to be a part of. The photos by Nils-Erik Larson featured in the current issue capture this spirit – a magnificent old man reading the paper through the glass, his eyes fiercely alive. I’m honored to have my story included with the startling, resonant pieces in Issue 31.

Perhaps because I’ve just returned from the Hebrides in Scotland, there’s something of Menda City Review that reminds me of the Ardalanish Farm and Weaving Mill on the Isle of Mull, population 2,667. The mill is housed in a rustic stone building, and the wool is spun from the black Hebridean sheep, once endangered, that graze the hills surrounding the farm. The whole enterprise operates off the grid, power generated from wind and the memory, or dreaming, of sun. During the waulking of the cloth in times past, runes were chanted and songs were sung, and traces of similar wool have been found in ancient Island burial chambers.

So here’s to the eyes-wide-open, radically brave small folk, the weavers of wool and the spinners of yarn(s).

Read “The Day the Linden Fell” here.

Professional Website, or Nature Blog?

Sadly, I have decided to eliminate my “Critter Sighting” category of posts since it was becoming confusing. I had to decide whether this was going to be my professional website or a nature blog, and I chose the former. If I could have posted all my critter sightings on a separate page, I would have continued to blog on the wild and wonderful animal encounters that happen daily here in the Hudson Valley, but there was no way to keep the wildlife posts separate from news of story publications, etc.

The photo below, however, is an homage to the site of many of my most startling animal encounters. It is the field I run through on my way home, where I have seen, among others, black vultures, red fox and hope-white butterflies, and where, if I were to lift up my arms, I might soar through the sky…